‘Oh, stop, stop,’ cried the Mole in ecstasies: ‘This is too much!’. That’s the reaction of Mole when Ratty tells him what’s inside the picnic basket at the beginning of The Wind in the Willows.

With rumours of a long, dry Summer ahead you need a picnic that provokes that sort of reaction. British Herb Kitchen is here to help.

You want tasty things to eat in your fingers, that travel well and don’t go soggy and that look colourful, fresh and vibrant. Take a look at the contents of the British Herb Kitchen’s picnic basket, everything made lovingly with British produce and British Herbs.


Tomato and Lovage Tarte Tatin
Herby Falafel with a Hummus made from British-grown (yes, really) Whole Yellow Peas
Hyssop and Savory Soda Bread with mixed British Herb whipped cream cheese
Very British Herby Sausage Rolls
Lemon and Sweet Cicely Shortbread
Or from our British Herb Kitchen recipes try the Erbolate, easy to eat in your fingers, or the Broad Bean and Chervil Salad. But the latter does require a fork unless you’re very feral.

All these recipes and more can be found here on the website. None are too complicated.
Pick and mix depending on the food preferences of your picnic companions.

Oh yes, wellies and waterproofs too. This is a Thoroughly British Picnic after all.